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Green Door Design is located in the Tam Valley area of Mill Valley, California. Both a design studio and a retail store, you can browse the abundant selection of orchids that are hand-picked each week, along with a vibrant selection of interior plants, succulents and air plants—as well as discover unique ceramic, wood, stone and metal vessels, some of which are reclaimed, vintage and one of a kind. At Green Door, it all starts with the healthiest, most beautiful plants. Our expertise ensures that our orchids will bloom strikingly and fully in your home for several weeks to several months. And by pairing them with our handsome and unusual selection of containers, we create naturally inspired arrangements that are as unique as they are elegant and graceful. You really have to experience a Green Door Design orchid arrangement to fully appreciate the beauty and creativity that goes into each arrangement. 

Once your orchids have finished blooming, bring your dormant arrangements back to Green Door. We will make new arrangements with fresh orchids, reuse any materials - moss, stones, air plants, branches - that are suitable for the next arrangement. We’ll text you when your fresh arrangements are ready for pick up or delivery. Many orchid lovers don’t have the time, space, inclination (or strong light) -to keep orchids through dormancy, waiting for new flowers to appear -a process that takes one year on average. All healthy dormant orchids are donated to the local community. We have a “free pick up” spot at our side door for folks that have the light & space in which to re-flower the plants. So there’s no need to toss your dormant orchids! They’ll find a good home when you drop them off at Green Door. 

In addition to orchids, Green Door Design is always well stocked with a variety of assorted succulents. Our gorgeous succulent arrangements are planted and designed in house, in your own vessels, or with ours. While succulents thrive long term, living outside in the Bay Area, and are perfect at your front door, your deck or outdoor dining tables, many succulents can also do well as in interior arrangement. We know what succulents do best in different locations and will create a custom arrangement that will thrive for months or even years to come. 

Our custom installations begin with a personal visit. This allows us to assess the conditions along with your personal style & individual preference. During the visit, we find the ideal location for orchid arrangements, succulents and interior plants. We troubleshoot any issues with existing plants and then give recommendations for an overall interior plant design. We pair your orchids and plants with unique and beautiful vessels, that suit each client’s décor and space. Reach out to Susie for more information, and to schedule an appointment. 

For the serious orchid collector, Green Door Design can refer you and your orchid collection to an orchid boarding service. This allows you to own and grow your orchid collection, while paying a monthly fee to the grower who tends them while they are dormant. The orchids stay at the greenhouse until they generate new flower spikes and buds and are ready to bloom again. This usually takes nine months to one year, or longer. They are then delivered to your home, ready to enjoy again. 

Celebrate the holidays with help from Green Door Design. Visit our retail store and choose one of our fragrant, fresh wreaths, decorative garlands or flowering plants, blooming Amaryllis or Narcissus. We’ll deliver and install your mantle greens for you, helping you create your own personal holiday magic. Our store is open for extended holiday hours in November and December, so you can select fresh trim, plants and orchids, or pick up a special hostess gift on your way to holiday parties. Of course, we’re also a wonderful choice for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, your favorite special occasion or no occasion at all. Our living orchid or succulent arrangements will bring joy for months or even years. Stop by the store to see our full selection of exceptional plants and gifts. 

We offer local deliveries throughout Marin County, and many parts of San Francisco
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