Our design team....

Owner Susie Turner nurtured her passion for plants and orchids while working for Smith & Hawken in the 90's as an interior plant and orchid buyer for their stores nationwide.

She soon started her home-based business, specializing in custom orchid and plant arrangements, delivering fresh holiday greens, and placing the perfect interior plants into her clients' homes and offices. Susie’s client base grew over the next 10 years, and in 2007, she launched her first store, green door design in Mill Valley.

Here you’ll find beautifully designed orchid and plant arrangements,including terrariums and succulent arrangements - along with a wide selection of decorative containers and unique items for the home and garden.

The design team at green door design combines natural elements with eclectic style for a fresh approach to interior plant design.

Notes from Susie

“There are over 30,000 species of orchids. Many of them are epiphytic - in nature, they grow from the bark of trees, up in the air - they don't like to sit in water, and in fact, don't need much water at all.

The number one mistake people make is over watering their orchids and interior plants. The basic rule of thumb with orchids, is to water every 7, 10 or 14 days, depending on the size of the plant, the planting medium (bark or moss), and the placement in the home. If unsure, go with the 10 day watering cycle. The amount of water will vary as well: from 1 / 4 cup of water on mini orchids, to about 1/2 cup of water on larger moss orchids. With Orchids planted in bark, you can still take to the sink weekly, or every 10 days. At green door design, we give all of our clients simple, clear watering instructions for all of their orchids and plants.

Susie Turner
Owner, green door design